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(Cesgranrio 91) The word that DOESN'T have an irregular plural form like tooth -  teeth is...

2010 Diversas

( Cesgranrio 90) KNIVES is the plural of KNIFE. Which of the words below DOES NOT form its plural in the same way?

2010 Diversas

(Fuvest 79) Assinale a alternativa correta:

Boys have big ... and girls have small ... .

2010 Diversas

(Uff 96) In the expression such a reaction, the word such  is followed by the indefinite article a. Mark the sentence in  which the indefinite article must also be used after such. 

2010 Diversas

(Personal 00) Complete corretamente as sentenças abaixo:

- ... life you want is really fascinating. 

- I felt ... love in her touch.

- Carlson, ... teacher, has become ... rich man.

- Everybody intends to enter in ... university.

- Johnson bought ... ewe.

2010 Diversas

( Unitau 95) Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à seqüência na qual se inclui um uso inadequado do artigo em inglês:

2010 Diversas

(Pucpr 96) Fill in the blanks with the definite article:

...Brazil is ... most industrial country in ... South ... America, while ... United States holds ... same position in ... North America.

2010 Diversas

(Puccamp 92) Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacunas da frase apresentada a seguir:

Fred: I've been thinking of buying ... .

Sam: Really? Which make are you considering?

Fred: That doesn't matter as long as ... is economical.

2010 Diversas

(Vunesp 91) Assinale a alternativa correta:

It was ... honor for us to see ... Queen of ... England.

2010 Diversas

( Unitau 95) Assinale a alternativa que corresponde à seqüência que completa as lacunas a seguir:

...Indian the ecologist saw, started ... horrible fire ... because of ... ordinary yellow bird ... flew over his head.

2010 Diversas

( I ta 96) Mark the alternative that best completes the text below:

If the U. S. Just ice Department had not derailed Gate's bid to acquire Intuit , the deal ... realize Microsoft's ambition to make money from almost

every commercial transaction in cyberspace.

2010 Diversas

(Personal 00) Complete meaningfully the following sentence:

Had they studied hard, they ... .

2010 Diversas

( Ufrs 96) The alternative that does not finish the sentence If it rains we ... correctly is:

2010 Diversas

(Ita 97) Observe o diálogo abaixo:

Lady  Astor MP: I f you ( I ) my husband I ( I I ) poison your coffee.

Churchill: If you (III) my wife I (IV) drink it.

- Os termos que melhor preenchem as lacunas I, II, III e IV são:

2010 Diversas
8924 (Pucpr 96) If I won a lottery I ... around the world. 2010 Diversas

( I ta 98) Leia a seguir o comentário publicado pela revista NEWSWEEK:

He had lots of German in him. Some I rish. But no Jew. I think that if he (I) a little Jew he (II) it out.

(Singer Courtney Love, on the suicide of her rock-star  husband, Kurt Cobain.)

As lacunas (I) e (II) do comentário anterior devem ser preenchidas, respectivamente, por:

2010 Diversas

(Mackenzie 97) Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentence:

He might have done it. So, ...

2010 Diversas

( Cesgranrio 91) Mark the item that shows the correct ending to the following sentence If the process happens each time we eat sugar, we ... .

2010 Diversas

(Puccamp 94) Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche corretamente as lacunas da frase apresentada:

- "Frederick, what's the mat ter with you? This is the third assignment you haven't turned in!"

- "I know, Mr. Dwarf. I would have turned them in ... but I've been extremely busy."

- "But that's no excuse. You must understand that I'll have to fail you if you don't complete your requirements."

- "Yes, I know. I'll try to catch up."

2010 Diversas

(Vunesp 91) Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente a sentença abaixo:

If he put it this way, everybody ... with him.

2010 Diversas

(Fei 95) Em  I f there were no cracks glass would be stronger than steel, a forma verbal would be, significa:

2010 Diversas

(Vunesp 93) Assinale a alternativa que completa corretamente a sentença abaixo:

I did not think she ... come.

2010 Diversas
8916 (Uel 95) If you don't go, ... very angry. 2010 Diversas
8915 (Fuvest 97) Considere a imagem a seguir:

- Qual seria o correspondente, no passado, de if I ever catch ... I'll wash ... ?

2010 Diversas

(Mackenzie 96) Indicate the alternative that best completes the sentence below:

If you had taken my advice, you ... .

2010 Diversas